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  • Kaminskyi Edgar

    Plastic surgeon, General surgeon, ENT surgeon

    Plastic surgeon, businessman, founder and owner of KAMINSKYI CLINIC, KAMINSKYI HUB, UMF (Ukrainian Medical Festival ━ Ukraine’s first medical festival that has been around since 2017).

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    Since 2010 Edgar Kaminskyi has visited over 60 foreign and domestic conferences, summits and congresses on aesthetic medicine. Was a speaker at prestigious international conferences, including: «Advances in Rhinoplasty» (Orlando, USA, 2019), «Rome Preservation Rhinoplasty» (Rome, 2019), «Preservation Rhinoplasty» (Turkey, Istanbul, 2018).

    He became Ukraine’s first surgeon who started broadcasting surgeries on social media platforms and also the first plastic surgeon to implement 3D technology to print patient bone models to prepare for surgeries.